I tried the 72-hour fast almost 6 weeks ago and was immediately impressed. Of course you get a little hungry on the first day, but the feeling of well-being was just great.

Last time, the start of the fast was rather spontaneous, so not quite as well prepared as we would have liked. After a rather sumptuous lunch, I started the 72-hour fast. And now everyone can imagine: If nothing more comes from above and pushes…

So I did some reading and got the Glauber’s salt to prevent the above-mentioned phenomenon on day 1. This should also help to reduce the feeling of hunger, although this has never been very unpleasant for me.

As the last meal was on Sunday lunchtime and a very successful visit to the toilet in the evening meant that fasting was more or less offered, the salt is now added after 24 hours to enable thorough emptying.

The flavour at 30g per 500ml is really quite pleasant, even though I squeezed out a lemon, as I drink this every day anyway and it certainly improved the taste a little.

Let’s see what the osmotic effect does to the intestines. The way it works is that the salt draws the fluid into the intestine so that it is cleansed. A lot of liquid is therefore required after the 500ml saline solution. Otherwise, dehydration could occur and headaches and dizziness could set in.