Author: Sascha

Here we go again…

I tried the 72-hour fast almost 6 weeks ago and was immediately impressed. Of course you get a little hungry on the first day, but the feeling of well-being was just great.

Last time, the start of the fast was rather spontaneous, so not quite as well prepared as we would have liked. After a rather sumptuous lunch, I started the 72-hour fast. And now everyone can imagine: If nothing more comes from above and pushes…

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72 hours- NO FOOD


"DREI Tage keine Nahrung? Was geht mir Dir denn ab?"
"Du hast nen Knall!"
"Das ist ungesund, das solltest Du nicht tun"
"Dadurch nimmst Du auch nicht ab"

These were the first reactions when I told friends and family about my crazy idea to “reset” my cell metabolism and do something good for my body and mind.

18/6 As you know, I’ve been fasting for a while now. Sometimes very consistently, but sometimes I do have breakfast with the family or before long bike rides. But then I came across a video by chance as I was reading up more and more on the subject:

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