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DIY Tubeless Air Tank Tire Booster

Tubeless tyres or with inner tube?

I have been riding the Mavic UST tubeless tyres for two years now and I had:


But where there is so much light, there is also shadow. Tubeless tyres have no inner tube and use sealing milk to seal both small punctures and the tyre itself on the rim.

When a new tyre finds its way onto the rim, or if the used tyre is to be re-fitted during a service, one question always arises: How do I get enough air into the tyre quickly so that the tyre can jump into the rim bed? Normal floor pump – forget it. And not everyone has a big compressor in the basement.

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PowerMeter from Sigeyi? Yup!

The preliminary skirmish – Why and why?

For some time now, I have been following various power meters, be it the ” traditional ones ” that are easy to buy online or in stores here in our part of the world, or those that can be found deep in the net under AliExpress or E-Bay.

There was certainly one or the other offer, which would have appealed to me, because the prices are between 200 and 250 euros for a crank arm suitable for my R8000 Ultegra. Different models are offered here, with CR2032 or integrated battery, everything is there.

But then I was convinced by the offer from Sigeyi:
PowerMeter as Spider for a two-sided measurement, available for many systems and all that for 320 euros + the usual stuff like VAT and customs. That’s a deal after all.

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