The Fenix as a bike computer? Yes absolutely!

Garmin Fenix 5 as Allrounder

I’ve owned my Fenix 5 Sapphire Edition for over three years now, and I don’t regret a single euro of the investment. The watch is a rock in the surf, indestructible and still very reliable: As on the first day.

I use the watch for everything possible: From just going for a walk, hiking with the family. My Crossfit I log with watch and chest strap, I swim and run (from time to time) with the clock. On both wheels I have sensors installed and also use the Fenix as a board computer.

Initially, I had a clunky watch holder* for the handlebars. This does its job, the clock is strapped by means of bracelet around the holder and handlebars. On the road bike always a bit fiddly, because here under the handlebars the brake and shift cables run.

EDGE1000 for testing

In the meantime, I had a used EDGE 1000* from Garmin for testing. What I liked directly positive, of course, was the larger display. Several displays such as heart rate, clock, cadence and driven KM could be read directly. Also for navigating certainly better suited.

But the extra charge, for that little bit more comfort, was just too much for me. In return, there were the new training wheels, which brought me more benefits. In addition, the Fenix 5 offers the aerobic and anaerobic training effect, the Edge 1000 only the aerobic training benefit.

3D printed Fenix 5/6 mount for road bike stem

It was the days the first, joint tour with friend Benjamin. Only this had this new holder for the Fenix, where this could be clicked by means of Quickfit® Mount directly on the stem.

I was directly away, I want that too! Because then the handlebars are free, again and again the clock was but close to the upper handlebar grip. 20 o’clock and all stores closed, Amazon could only have delivered again on Tuesday.

So what to do: print out a similar adapter yourself? Briefly looked on, and there are really some great approaches. I had decided on one that was best suited to my discretion for me. This I printed out, attached it by means of cable ties on the stem, put a piece of handlebar tape remnant on the Uhraufnahme, because this otherwise something loose rattled.

What good is the Garmin 3D print Fenix holder now?

The tour was wonderful, although a bit cold in places. What I have not missed is the rubber adapter that previously carried my Fenix. The clock now sat on the stem, which is perhaps a bit lower, but no longer annoying at all.

The mechanism lets the clock snap cleanly, holds bombproof and there was no problem. Through the piece of handlebar tape rattled and rattled also nothing.

“The holder is good, but we are still optimizing that…”

The developer of the original holder has already done a good job. And he also uploaded the original Fusion 360 CAD file to So you can still customize the adapter to your needs. I have slimmed down the fit of the mount a bit, added a little more material to the front and rounded off some edges a bit.

If you also want to print out this adapter, you can find it under the following link:


Absolutely recommended. The watch sits very tight with the adapted holder, rattles little to no more and can be inserted and removed in seconds.

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